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Meet Robert, our Lead Client Relations & Resourcing Manager

Hey there! I'm Robert, and I've spent the past 8 years diving deep into the world of recruitment, focusing my expertise on the exciting realms of cybersecurity and software development.

Passionate for connecting the dots in the tech universe, my journey has taken me across the globe, planting my roots in the UK, UAE, and Singapore. Along the way, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with start-ups, MNC's and government entities, helping them build dream teams that tackle challenges head-on.

Before joining Olive Jar, I had the thrill of calling Google my professional playground. There, I was on a mission to scout and recruit top-tier technical talent that would shape the future of the organisation. It was like being in a candy store of innovation, surrounded by brilliant minds and groundbreaking ideas.

And now, as part of Olive Jar Digital, I'm more committed than ever to shaping the future of tech. I'm here to build dream teams that redefine what's possible. I believe in the power of connecting extraordinary people to create extraordinary outcomes. It's not just a career; it's a journey fuelled by the thrill of the next big thing.

So, if you're as pumped about the future of tech as I am, let's connect and make some magic happen. Because in this fast-paced world, it's not just about finding the right fit; it's about crafting a narrative where innovation meets passion, and that's where the real adventure begins.


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