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Diversity and Inclusion

Being Diverse and Inclusive, valuing everyone's opinions and beliefs is an important part of the Olive Jar culture. Gender, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, and sexual orientation are all important factors to promote throughout the business, both internally and when working with clients and associates. We respect and treat everyone equally without any form of discrimination or bias, regardless of their background, experience, or affiliation.

We actively recruit diverse talent across all key functions of our business and proudly boast a multicultural and inclusive team, which helps us to deliver breakthrough results in all our work.

We are committed to being a secure and supportive business where team members feel valued and inspired every day. We encourage our team to regularly participate in personal and professional development, which expands our knowledge of workplace and global issues. By also socializing on a personal level, it enables us to break down all boundaries and truly collaborate as one team.

This development within the team ensures that we share the same goal of shaping our culture and breaking down barriers to eliminate discrimination. Working together inspires confidence in delivery and consistently boosts team spirit, instilling a single sense of purpose by sharing real-time findings, feedback, and supporting data.


You can view our full Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here.

"Olive Jar is continually striving to always create an equal, diverse and inclusive culture. Our company values and ethics mean we embrace, support and promote diversity and inclusion. We challenge, speak out and speak up to anyone that does not share our beliefs. We are deeply committed to allyship and drive systematic change to diversity, inclusion and equity for the better."

Olivia Nixey, Director

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