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Having worked in the industry with public and private sectors, Olivia's and Rajesh's passion for digital transformation, founded Olive Jar Digital in 2015 to be enablers of innovative and intuitive digital services.

We have since expanded our network of associates and industry influencers, boasting success in delivering projects for all sectors including government and retail. We use our knowledge and experience in both Digital Transformation and Talent Acquisition to mobilise the right resources and team for client projects.

The Leadership team are hands-on, aligned to our vision and development, inspiring our people to do the same.

London City

To enable and steer digital transformation, empowering people and sharing knowledge to provide intuitive digital services satisfying what the end user wants.


Our background stems from hands-on digital design and delivery. We are self-funded and therefore ensure we will deliver with quality, remaining lean and cost-effective. We will champion best practice, be transparent and inclusive, to translate complex pain points into meaningful usable services.

Virtual Reality Device

We are proud of the OJ team. We work hard and play hard, encouraging everyone to have a say, share ideas and lead with innovation. We value each attribute our permanent and associate team members bring to OJ. We encourage learning and development and consistently seek to share knowledge and create a community of skills, both internally and with our clients. We collaborate seamlessly, internally, with client and other supplier teams.

Our Core Services

Talent Consultancy

We provide skilled professionals, chosen on their cultural fit, technical acumen and who can deliver projects in a timely manner and to the highest of standards. We have worked with our associates previously or have been recommended to us based on their performance. They are always interviewed and assessed. Our experienced digital talent acquisition team fill any role, at short notice, if needed.

Digital Managed Services

Olive Jar Digital provide teams to design and develop services for customers of all sizes. We specialise in creating user focused driven digital products.  We focus on user experience and only build what the end user needs and understands. Our goal is to make things simple for your users! We deliver our projects using the agile methodology, in particular Scrum and Kanban.

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