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  • Leonie Beck

Balancing Motherhood and Career – Embracing the Journey Back to Work after Maternity Leave

I’ve recently returned to work after 9 months away on Maternity Leave. I’ve felt so privileged to have been able to take such an extended period away from work. It’s been a wonderful time – a chance to connect with my baby and enjoy unlimited time to devote to his care and becoming a mother.

It has not been without its challenges, and each day brings a new phase, or step to navigate on this journey. As I return to work, the transition has been filled with mixed emotions, balancing the demands of both my professional and personal life. However, with the right support and mindset, it has so far, been incredibly rewarding and empowering. In tough moments, I’m finding it helpful to remember that being a working mother is a great show of strength and resilience, both lessons I would ultimately like to pass on to my children.

I’ve found it crucial to recognise and establish a strong support network – surrounding myself with other working mothers who understand the unique challenges. Sharing experiences, concerns, and triumphs has helped to make me feel less alone.

Additionally, I’ve been so lucky that my partner continues to give his unwavering support, not only emotionally, but in sharing the responsibilities of parenting and household chores, ensuring that we are both contributing equally. And this blog would not be complete without a massive shoutout to Grandma, who has volunteered to be a full-time nanny, and without whom, returning to work would have been so much harder (and more expensive!)

Olive Jar has been incredibly supportive, allowing me to return gradually – reduced hours at first, which has been so helpful in giving me more time to get used to my new routine and being away from my baby.

I know there will still be days when I feel overwhelmed or doubt myself. But instead of focusing on the challenges, I will continue to focus on the progress I have made and the joys of motherhood and career that still lie ahead.



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