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  • Reinfredo Bondoc

From Scaling Teams to Scaling Nappies: A Recruiter's Journey into Fatherhood

In my 8-year stint as a Recruiter, I've been on a rollercoaster of scaling up teams across diverse sectors, from startups to government departments. My playground? Everything from Software Engineering and Product to Data Engineering, Data Science, and Non-Technical domains. The rush of navigating the recruitment maze and ensuring candidates have a stellar experience has been the heartbeat of my career. But lately, life took me on a detour – parenthood.

Becoming Chief Girl Dad:

No fancy corner office or LinkedIn glamour, just a new title – Chief Girl Dad. This unexpected promotion has become the most rewarding role I've ever embraced. The arrival of my daughter injected a fresh sense of purpose, propelling me to strive for excellence, whether within the family cocoon or the professional sphere.

Now, my days are a blend of the quest for the perfect candidates and the charming chaos of nappies and lullabies. Balancing the high-paced career with the joys and duties of fatherhood is my new normal – a delicate act demanding flexibility, adaptability, and a profound commitment to both family and work.

Rejoining Olive Jar Digital:

Back in the professional game with Olive Jar Digital, I bring a renewed perspective to the table. This time, my focus is on supporting public sector clients navigating the dynamic realm of digital transformation. The landscape might have shifted, but my commitment to delivering excellence stands tall.

My mission? Crystal clear – to guide our clients seamlessly through their digital transformation projects. From discovery to the live deployment, I'm leveraging my recruitment acumen to ensure a smooth ride. I'm passionate about building robust client relationships and aligning our resources perfectly with their evolving needs.

As I navigate the dual role of Chief Girl Dad and Recruitment/Account Management Expert, I'm thrilled about the adventures ahead. Parenthood has added hues to my life that I never knew existed, motivating me to level up in all areas. Whether nurturing a team or my tiny human squad, the principles of dedication, adaptability, and excellence remain my guiding stars.

Connect with me on this journey and explore the delicate dance of balancing work and parenthood.



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