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How To Create A Company Culture That Potential Employees Crave

When your employees start their days – whether it’s in the office or from home – how do you want them to feel?

The way they feel will be down to the culture you’ve instilled into your company, along with the type of boss you are! It’s really important to lay the foundations for your employees, so they’re able to enjoy their work life and in turn, remain with your company for many years to come, whilst working to the best of their ability.

Sharing and making your company values, missions and visions known is vital. By doing so, you can ensure that an individual aligns with these on a personal level. Making them visible on your website too, can give a potential applicant that extra nudge to apply for a job you may have advertised.

The best method to do so is by creating a document of your mission statement, which lets people briefly know what guides your way forward. You then share this with others such as clients and employees. The questions it answers are what the business is here to do, and why.

After this, a vision statement details the hopes and aims for the future, which should inspire and motivate employees. However, it is your values as a company that do the groundwork for these two previous documentations – they allow your employees to unite and all work together achieve an end goal.

Engaging with the employees themselves

Employees are what make up a business – without them, you wouldn’t have one! This being said, it means that they have first-hand experience of the failures and successes within the business – what works and what doesn’t when it comes to culture.

You can survey your staff to learn about these things and gauge how employees feel and if they have the resources they need. It will help you to understand the improvements you need to make as a business, which you should then communicate with the team and let them know of the changes you plan on implementing to improve the culture. You could even invite the employees to a launch for the changes through an informal meeting or fun event.

Invite and take on board any feedback

Once your missions and values are distinguished and the cultural values have been shared, allow employees to feedback with their thoughts. When you have an open approach and create an environment where people feel comfortable enough to share their views, you will undoubtedly prosper.


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